The World's Worst Children, a response to David Walliams book (Australia, 2017)

The World's Worst Children, a response to David Walliams book (Australia, 2017)


As a theatre-maker, Claudia is interested in the influence, interaction and creative dialogue between children’s play and the process of making theatre.

Children play for enjoyment, but moreover, they play to learn, explore and deal with issues associated to the real world. During children’s play, their voices are free, our own humanity is revealed and if we pay attention, we can grasp the poetics and politics behind our existence.

Claudia researches children’ play with this lens in an immersive and non-immersive way. During these creative processes, she has found that children become natural storytellers and the eminent masterminds of the place where the real and the imaginary meet. This is what theatre can bring to light. But how and when? Those are some of the questions that Claudia explores throughout her theatre making practice.  

Theatre making in this context refers to the creation of a piece of theatre with a contemporary, inter-disciplinary approach based on collaborations where participants (children and theatre makers) play an integral role in the creation and development of the outcome.

For over 15 years Claudia has experimented with diverse creative approaches for making theatre with children within the realms of play. In the blog Children and Theatre you can find her memoir and reflections throughout a collection of Claudia’s work making theatre with children. 

She has also written two non-refereed conference papers on the topic. Please contact her if you are interested in reading these.

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