Throughout her life, Claudia Escobar has explored the art of children’s play both as an academic and as a theatre-maker.

Throughout this exploration, she has encountered the importance of the phenomenon of leadership in children’s play and theatre, so is currently undertaking her PhD research exploring the ideas and perceptions of leadership in the minds of children. 

She writes research material and theatre performance, she collaborates with children making theatre and she conducts theatre and leadership workshops.

Claudia has worked with children from Colombia, Australia, Italy and Afghanistan looking at play and its connection to theatre-making. This process has resulted in over twenty performances, two major theatre shows, academic papers, an international pen-pal project and the blog Children and Theatre collecting thoughts, experiences and documentation of her work with children since 2003.

Claudia believes that play is human’s first art-form as a medium of imaginative or creative self-expression. Driven by this belief, she was always interested in children's games and imagination first as a designer making toys and objects and then as an artist making visual artwork and theatre. For over 15 years, she has explored children’s voice through play in the light of theatre and performance, specifically between the ages of 5 and 12.

In Colombia she worked making theatre with children victims of the armed conflict and in 2007 she moved to Australia to study theatre at The University of Melbourne, Faculty of the VCA and Music applying performance studies to her work with children. In 2008 she attended school as "a 6 year old" as part of her Masters research and in 2011 she was visiting artist at world renowned Rafaello Sanzio Children’s Experimental Theatre.

In 2015 she became the mother of Luna; this first-hand experience as a mother, together with the theatre she makes with children plus the rigour of her academic research expand her knowledge in the areas of children, art and leadership.

As her reflection grows, she continuously enjoys sharing ideas, thoughts and findings with children and with those interested in the art of children’s play across the world.